Wanted: Butterfly experts/enthusiasts

Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Sun Nov 12 13:08:33 EST 1995

For a source of tropical butterflies that avoids driving them to 
extinction, by cultivating them, contact:

Mr. J. Chris Pedersen
Pedersen's Natural History Inc.
382 Main Street
Selkirk, MB R1A 1T8 Canada
Phone: (204) 785-8194
On 4 Nov 1995, John Daigre wrote:

> I recently took a trip to Venezuela.  My guide there was an expert on 
> Venezuelan butterflies.  He has an incredible collection of butterflies 
> and is interested in making international contacts in the field.  He is 
> also currently working on a book about Venezuelan butterflies.  He is 
> unfortunately not on the internet, but I'll be happy to pass his address 
> on to you and yours on to him.  Please e-mail me at 
> advrel at net-connect.net.

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