The immortal are living among us NOW!

David G. Kitaguchi davidk at
Mon Nov 13 17:02:44 EST 1995

In article 4pr at informer1.cis.McMaster.CA,  Ann Tekatch <a7503934 at> writes:
>FROM: Bill Tekatch <a7503934 at>
>"Paul Boduch (ES 1997)" <pboduch at> wrote:
>>  You've got me stumped here. Is it some kind of tree, the giant redwoods 
>> pehaps?
>For being "stumped" you did well.
>It is the Brislecone Pine.  The oldest one found was
>felled in 1964 in Nevada's Humboldt National Forest.

Well I believe that Creosote bushes (trees) have been found to
be older that brislecone pines.  And there is another tree,
I think its called a century pine or something like that.  They 
grow at a rate of about 3 inches in height per century.  I think
both of these have been found to be older than the brislecones.

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