gene related to violence?

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>On 7 Nov 1995, Michael Gregory Abel, University of Tennessee wrote:
>> On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, Alexander Berezin wrote:
>> > On 7 Nov 1995, Barbara Germon wrote:
>> > 
>> > > Does anyone know of research being done to identify a gene thought to
>> > > cause a predisposition to violent behavior in humans who have it?  If so,
>> > > where could I get more information?

I am certain there is research being done somewhere, however it is probably 
kept under covers since the topic is controversial.  As for where you can
get more information, there was a symposium at University of MD (College
Park) regarding criminal behaviour and genetics.  I don't know if the symp-
osium actually was held since it is considered much like Eugenics to try 
and make such relations.  Scientists that were to attend disagree.  This
meeting was to have taken place a few weeks ago I think.  You might call
UMCP about this (301)405-1000.

>> > For someone who is NOT in genetics the above question
>> > (and thousands other loke it) gives some reason to 
>> > question seriously the very fabric of modern science:
>> > 
>> > "Now it all in genes (DNA, or you name it): cancer,
>> > violence, IQs, homosexuality, etc, etc"
>> > 
>> > 100 years ago it all was in a shape of your skull 
>> > (phrenology).  DNA well may be a fad of today which
>> > will be laughted at as an "omni-explanation" tomorrow.

Well yes, but rest assured, DNA is no fad.  Hopefully though, I hope the 
implications will be taken more seriously.  Currently people are arguing
what is considered a disorder.  This is a dangerous time like Eugenics
was.  What I would like to see is this science becoming more objective.
I suppose that is as good a reason as any to remain extremely technical
in description.  For example HMS1 sounds a lot less of a label than 
"homosexuality 1" or "The Gay Gene."  

>> > Its time for some cold water om molecular genetics.
>> > 
>> > Alex Berezin  
>> Ramble......ramble.....ramble.....
>> What the hell are you trying to say with this diatribe?
>What I want to say is that when they identify
>"violence gene" than next step they will find
>that some [ specific groups ] have more of them .....
>(need further references ?). In short, pseude-science.
>Alex Berezin

Well, I seriously doubt there will ever be a "violence gene" found since
there is so much that contributes to a person being violent.  I think that
the public needs a bit more of an education about the science involved and
how these studies are performed.

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