Biology terminology requested

Deej dbarens at
Mon Nov 13 20:29:52 EST 1995

Hi there.  My husband and I are working on a book dealing with cybertechnology and gene alteration.  For
the last few months we have been racking our brains looking for terms dealing with these subjects.  We
have two main characters.  One is a woman with artificial arms and reinforced skeleton.  The second is a
wolverine mutation genetically altered to become an obidient killing machine.  Currently, our working titles
have varied from Cybernauts to Bionauts.  We would like to keep -nauts in the title.  If anyone has any
suggestions on the title on terminology dealing with biology or geneology that would work, please contact
us.  We have looked through many texts and can't seem to come up with a suitable title.

Thank you very much in advance

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