Spontaneous Human Combustion

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> >If anyone knows any good sources on human combustion (internet or
> >otherwise)please tell me. Thanks.
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> >Berns
> Flaming people?  How about the self-immolation of Buddhist monks on 
> VietNamese streets? How about people who fall asleep with lit cigarettes? 
>  Maybe people who do LAH reductions in ether without the proper 
> precautions?  
> (Some people really burn me up.  Does that count?)

A column in one of the recent issues of Nature magazine
reports that at the last "Ig-Nobel Prize ceremony" (annual 
witch Sabbat of several Nobel Prize laureates, now held 
at M.I.T., to scorn scienitsts who did not get Nobel Prize),
they ("real" Nobel Prize laureates) played the "spontaneous
human combustion". Apparently, they mastered the secrets,
so you can find from them [ their names are mentioned in
this Nature column - one of Oct.1995 issues ].

Alex Berezin 

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