auditory range of animals wanted

J Ziesmann Jurgen.Ziesmann at
Wed Nov 15 07:08:45 EST 1995

kennjo at (John Kennedy) wrote:
> I am seeking a table of hearing frequency ranges for different animals.  
> I am particularly interested in animals with a lower frequency 
> thresh-hold than us.  Please post directly to me since my service 
> provider tends to turn over newsgroup postings rather more quickly than I 
> can get to read them.
> Many thanks, John Kennedy
> kennjo at

Hi John,

I do not know wether insects are animals for you but 
today I accidently came accross an article dealing with the 
frequency ranges of Tettigoniidae (grashoppers).

Nobu Suga, 1966, Ultrasonic production and its preception in 
some neotropical Tettigoniidae. J Insect Physiology 12: 1039-1050

They produce sound with an intensity of 100 - 110 dB (compare 
that to an airplane) and optimum sensitivity around 25000 Hz 
30 to 40 DB)

If you are more interested in ustrasonic hearing most articles
about hearing in bats should be interesting for you.

God bless you 

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