gene related to violence?

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Wed Nov 15 11:43:06 EST 1995

In article <BOMINAAR.32.30A0DAA0 at>, BOMINAAR at writes:
>>> > > Does anyone know of research being done to identify a gene thought to
>>> > > cause a predisposition to violent behavior in humans who have it?  If so,
>>> > > where could I get more information?
>>> > 

I'd bet that a multivariate analysis would show that the primary factor
associated with violent behavior is being male.  So I guess you could say
that all genes involved in that, from the original male/female
determination all the way down through genes that are differentially
expressed by sex "predispose" towards violence.

What you probably meant was, genes that make some males more violent than
other males, and for that I have no idea.


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