origins of life

Julian SO apathy at
Thu Nov 16 19:17:38 EST 1995

hey all,

been assigned a paper on the 'origins of life,' specifically on earth. it's
a *very* general topic (especially for a 10pg, doublespaced paper), so i'm 
hoping to get some help on some interesting aspects of that topic. 

anyone got any suggestions for good review articles, books, web sites,
newsgroups, whatever?

i'm interested at looking at the 'scientific' aspects of this topic, as well
as philosophical aspects (definitions of what constitutes life etc).

and yes, this was deliberately x-posted to alt.angst. so you angsters,
get thinking ...

replies by email would be preferred, but if posting publically, please
follow-up as appropriate.


ObAngst: i'm gonna have to pull this out of my ass -- the paper is due
in less than two weeks. oh, the joys of procrastination.

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