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> Sorry if this is not the right group, but I'm not a biologist and need
> info for a presentation.  What is the biological classification of
> an elephant, as in phylum, class, order, family, genus, species?
> Thanks for your help.    Bob

If you've got a PC (or a PowerMac with SoftWindows ;-)) you could
upload SKIS v5.6 via FTP and find out for yourself.
-  ftp.coast.net:/pub/systems/pc/garbo/science/SKIS_56.ZIP
(There is an announcement for it in this newsgroup - bionet.general).

Anyway, it would tell you -
Phylum:  Chordata
Class:   Mammalia

SKI#       ORDER         Family         Genus      species     Other Info

795.1.1.1  PROBOSCIDEA   Elelphantidae  Elephas    africanus   African elephant
795.1.1.2  PROBOSCIDEA   Elelphantidae  Elephas    indicus     Indian elephant

There are an additional 11 species - all extinct though.

Best of presentations,

Derek Gunn
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