Latrin (Fat Enzyme) Human Trials- HELP

xbj at I_should_put_my_domain_in_etc_NNTP_INEWS_DOMAIN xbj at I_should_put_my_domain_in_etc_NNTP_INEWS_DOMAIN
Fri Nov 17 09:36:44 EST 1995

Hi- could anyone please e-mail me about how to go about getting on the 
roles of any human testing of ANY fat mobilizing hormone arising out of 
the current gene research? Like the human trials of Latrin or any similar 
hormone- I'm in Las Vegas but would go anywhere to participate in any of 
these trials.

You can e-mail me any suggestions or information to:
               xbj at

Also if you know of the appropriate newsgroups to post this on or that 
would be dealing exclusively with this subject matter would be highly 

Thank you very much.


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