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Hello everyone!

Journal of Molecular Biology (JMB) is experimenting an online version
of its weekly publication,, this has many
advantages, amongst others many people can have simultaneous access to
the same issue of the journal, no need to go to the library, you can
print you own version from your office (no need to go to the copy
room) etc.

BUT for me online publications means more than that, online
publication is a chance to do better science by having immediate
access in an electronic format to the data. For example, getting
access to the coordinates of some protein structure and performing
your own calculations, doing your own statistics on some sequence
alignment, etc.

Unfortunately, Academic Press have chosen the Portable Document
Format (PDF) so you need a PDF reader, here's a quote from Acrobat
Reader's documentation:

     Acrobat Reader is part of the Adobe Acrobat family of software
     that lets you view, distribute, print, and save documents in
     Portable Document Format (PDF)-regardless of the computer,
     operating system, fonts, or application used to create the
     original file.  PDF files retain all the formatting, fonts, and
     graphics of the original document, and virtually any document can
     be converted into PDF.

which is nice for good graphic quality BUT

- You can't extract easily the data
- You need a PDF reader
- You have to get the article as a whole, for example, you can't just
  access the text (which is faster) than later the figures if you need
  it.  This would be useful since the connection to UK (at least from
  UF) is slow.

And a minor comment

- They should also consider a mirror site in the US.

If you think these issues are important, have a look at their site,

make your own idea and send them your feedback, either here

or there,

	jmb at

Express yourself!
Marcel TURCOTTE                                  University of Florida

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