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Alexander Berezin (berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA) wrote:
: (Dr. ASHOK GROVER previuosly wrote): 
:  > The information you have about India is incorrect.  
: > There are very few of these scholarships. Most students 
: > and postdoctoral fellows get paid from "Schemes" which 
: > is the same as operating grants in North America.


: Minor details and variations nothwithstanding, it
: is clear that the system in which the graduate 
: students are fundned INDEPENDENLTY is far more fair 
: and democratic than the present USA/Canadian
: system in which the students are funded almost 
: exclusively through grant of a particular professor. 

To say "almost exclusively" is to overstate the point
quite a bit.  I have no idea of the relative percentages,
but significant numbers of students are funded directly
from NSF, DOD, Howard Hughes, etc., or are funded through
their _department_ but not through their advisor (for
example, via departmental training grants).

Perhaps the two systems aren't so different as you
would like to imagine...

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