SECRET information, FREE device data and a web page that explains more.

John Livingston jlivgstn at
Mon Nov 20 12:05:59 EST 1995

Dear Reader,

My company manufacturers versatile machinery (too big-except for the most unusual home) that can do good things for many of the people we know and the environment we share.  These devices can be used to automatically separate and shrink the huge volume of bottled, barreled, canned, or otherwise containerized waste often generated while doing research.  Before, all this stuff had to be handled manually...if at was handled at all.

We now hav a web page that tells more about what these machines might be able to do for you and yours.  The page also reveals the horrible truth about Aunt Olive.  It, not Aunt Olive, can be found at:

Thanks for the courtesy of your time and attention.

John Livingston
S&G Enterprises
N115 W19000 Edison Drive
Germantown, Wisconsin 53022
(414) 251-8300
jlivgstn at

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