NIH/Science? Effect of US shutdown?

anon shirra at
Tue Nov 21 07:41:10 EST 1995

Now that the US gov is back in business, could someone spread some light 
on the rumors about the effect on NIH?  I "have heard" that the labs 
were locked and only PI's were permitted in...  IF this was true, how 
did it effect experiments in progress?  There's been so much in the news 
about the effect on National Parks, Museums, and also about Immigration, 
IRS, Social Security etc, but what about this potentially devastating 
(sp?) aspect?  Did researchers feel they had enough notice to prepare 
for the shutdown?  How long will it take to get running again?  I 
remember when our lab moved down the street a few years ago that there's 
was probably several weeks of work affected in closing down and then 
getting back up again.  Why hasn't any of this been mentioned in the 
media (without starting a flaming war about how the media ignores 
And on a related note, regarding the restrictions on travel by 
government employees...  Did this affect anyone who was planning on 
attending a meeting, seminar etc. last week?  

Thanks for any input,

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