NIH/Science? Effect of US shutdown?

Jim Hutchins hutchins at
Tue Nov 21 10:28:48 EST 1995

anon (shirra at wrote:
: And on a related note, regarding the restrictions on travel by 
: government employees...  Did this affect anyone who was planning on 
: attending a meeting, seminar etc. last week?  

Well, don't know about intramural research, but the shutdown occurred
right in the middle of the annual (23,000-person) Society for Neuroscience

What I *heard* (can't confirm) is that supervisors were *ordered* to catch
the first plane from San Diego back to Washington DC so they could be
put on furlough.  I know that sounds silly, but...  

Many of the other govt employees went AWOL in San Diego, but of course
at their own expense :-(  They were (understandably) quite dismayed and
angry.  Not good for morale, not good for anyone.

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