Fructose Compounding

Leslie Hilbert lhilbert at
Tue Nov 21 16:30:45 EST 1995

Please forgive me if you find this post to be a waste of your time and of 
bandwith....I just didn't know where else to go....

A friend of mine ahs been taken in by a company that sells nutritional 
supplements and one of their "premier" products is a mineral supplement 
consists of minerals "bonded" to fructose molecules.  The rational is 
that since fructose is easily absorbed into the blood stream these bonded 
minerals will be too.  

He excitedly told me about the product because my undergrad included work 
in human nutrition..... I'm quite sure this is simple bs, but I don't 
know a simple and polite way to explain to him that what the company says 
is pretty much hogwash.

Any help?


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