DAVID PAGNANELLI axon at ix.netcom.com
Thu Nov 23 17:41:17 EST 1995

In my searches through the medical literature, I’ve come across a
growth releasing peptide called "hexarelin" that is supposed to
increase the efficiency of the bodies own Growth Hormone (GH). The
increase in GH activity 
results in an overall increase in growth in the subject taking the
hexarelin. The side effects are reported to be very few. Obviously this
is only effective in children.

	I’ve primarily seen this published by Italian authors, but I
can’t find the source for the hexarelin. Does anyone know who makes
this stuff or whether or not its available anywhere?  I’ve looked
through the growth litera
ture and this seems to be the most promising. 

	Can this be purchased anywhere?

	Looking for help - Thanks, Dave

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