Request Information on Garlon (Triclopyr)

King Collins king at
Thu Nov 23 13:32:31 EST 1995

Can you help with information on Garlon (triclopyr)?

Here in Mendocino County, CA, our Board of Supervisors¹ Forestry Council
is having a workshop on Dec. 4th to look into the massive increase in the
use of herbicides, mostly Garlon, on timberlands here in the County in the
last couple of years.

I¹m looking for convincing info on the risks of Garlon use, on the
³reliability² of Dow Chemical¹s safety testing, and, especially, any info
available on what other counties have done to protect their residents
against excessive herbicide use.

We¹d also like to encourage any interested, independent ³Garlon experts²
to submit their own testimony: Forest Council, c/o Board of Supervisors,
County of Mendocino Courthouse, Ukiah, CA  95482 ‹ or even come speak at
the workshop. Thanks in advance.

jennifer_poole at RedwoodFN. org / (707) 459-3330.

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