silk structure

John Kennedy kennjo at
Fri Nov 24 06:20:41 EST 1995

Our family has recently been reading on the history and nature of silk as
part of a learning project with our home-schooled son.  We would be
grateful if anyone could clarify the following for us 

1) Is spider and silkworm silk the same?  
2) How does the diet of the silkworm affect the
colour of the silk and why ie. does it affect the primary chemical
structure or is it just the result of an interspersed colourant from the
food for instance?  
3) Is there an actual structural (chemical) difference between tussah 
silk and the silk of the usual bombyx mori larva? 

In many senses our questions boil down to to what are the underlying 
differences between the various 'silks'. Please email directly as our 
provider changes newsgroup postings frequently.

Many thanks,  John Kennedy
kennjo at

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