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Hello, netters!

                 It was encouraging to see the disregard
of economic values in the discussions on this subject.
I believed that the long process climaxing about 1972
(that radicated maximal rentability in the band of ser-
vices of high technology) added a most important featu-
re to the global market or "planetary town". Namely: by
first time since the hominization, marginal people out-
side such a market turned their marginality IRREVERSIBLE.
This generated some 4,500 million or more of demographic
excedents, of which the market is economically INTERESTED in
that they be neither healthy nor educated. What it needs to
be done with them, is killing them as much as feasible: by
avoiding some other 5,000 million of their births in the
next decades, and, since wars and epidemics are unsure of
to control and also unpopular, by shortening their lifetime.
This is, of course, what made the East-West walls to "fall",
independently of which reasons are voiced "pour la gallerie".
And one of the central features of this marketization is
not outspreading real education beyond what is economically

Beyond reproductivity, this implies making education also a mean
of direct social control, just as communication media, justice
administration and entertainment; certifying knowledge unposses-
sed by the students, and relaxing control on the profits attained
upon students' work. Peace of course is economically undesira-
ble, but only some 30 local conflicts per year are sustainable
without undue scalation; so, war is to be waged mostly as micro-
hostilities. These include disguised deterioration of education
and public health, and important loosening of the obligations to-
wards and from the States ("privatizings").

		  I know this situation is best seen from the
marginal countries (albeit just not by the marginals there!) but
I think in the central countries it is needed a frank assumption
of its prevalence in order to improve it.  The matter is much deep
than usually assumed, so most analyses remain pure chatter
and fail to identify a way of action respecftul of the effective,
self-sustained economic forces. Not seeing their existence,
or denying it, is the best way of acceptance. Never before
partial truths were more remote of a useful diagnosis!

                  Since the process advanced so much, its open
discussion no longer has any possibility of delivering contestata-
ry consequences (which in other times would had those ones acknow-
ledging it delivered to the gallows or academic repudiation). The rup-
ture with such marginals (= said irreversibility of their condition)
grants us freedom to frankly discusss this situation in the open.
They cannot be stirred by our analyses, by which market management
can instead profit. Moreover, the discussion is no longer contestatary 
but collaborative, since money is not eatable and straightforward elli-
mination of the demographic excedents is impracticable: lifetimes
cannot be shortened by more than about a fifty percent, what would
reproduce the situation again some forty years later.

                  Bioscientists are specially qualified to cope
with these issues (not in vain Darwin took so much from Malthus!)
but their academic preparation often allows them not to bridge,
weaponed with bioscientific criteria, the biocenotic and social realms.
So, the troubles with grantmanships are viewed as partial problems,
of regional or local nature, instead of framing them in the new 
worldwide situation we should confront in the forthcoming decades.

                  Hope these small comments contribute to said

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