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Center for Biological Monitoring
An Information Resource for Chemical Fallout Issues..
With a special interest in the nuclide inventories of the Maine Yankee Atomic 
Power Station.

C.B.M.	was established in 1974 as Maine Radscan and is located in Hulls Cove, 
Maine (Box 144, 04644; phone [207]288-5126; fax (207) 288-2725; e-mail 
sbrack at The primary focus of CBM is on chemical fallout 
issues, including the biogeochemical cycles of biologically significant 
radionuclides and data bases of their presence in the environment.
The Maine Yankee Atomic Power Station in Wiscassett, Maine, is the most
significant regional source point of man-made radionuclides in Maine and has 
been a
special object of study for several decades. Publications of the Center for 
Monitoring include:
1. Brack, H. G., ed. Radscan: Information Sampler on Long-lived Radionuclide. 
Cove, ME: Pennywheel Press, 1984 (out of print, available through interlibrary 
2. Center for Biological Monitoring. A Review of Radiological Surveillance 
Reports of
Waste Effluents in Marine Pathways at the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company at
Wiscasset, Maine--- 1970-1984: An Annotated Bibliography. Hulls Cove, ME:
Pennywheel Press, 1986.
3. Brack, H. G. Legacy for Our Children: The Unfunded Costs of Decommissioning 
Maine Yankee Power Station, Hulls Cove, ME: Pennywheel Press, 1993.
4.	Center for Biological Monitoring. "The Failure to Fund Nuclear Waste 
Storage and
Disposal at the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Station: A Commentary on Violations 
the 1982 Nuclear Waste Policy Act and the General Requirements of the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities", prepared for 
the Office
of Attorney General, Augusta, Maine, 1994.
5.	Center for Biological Monitoring. "Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company 
Noncompliance Update", prepared for United States Department of Justice, 1994.
6.	Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company: “A Summary of Safety Concerns.” 
Generator Resleeving Project 1995. Re: September 14, 1995 Maine Yankee-NRC
Meeting Steam Generator Sleeving Update


The Center for Biological Monitoring is especially interested in locating, 
preferably in hard copy, any of the following general categories of nuclear 
waste data. Please note our publications contain an extensive list of 
information sources about nuclear waste generation. Our current emphasis is on 
site specific surveys other than the yearly environmental and waste effluent 
reports required by the NRC.  We are looking for the following data:
·	Aerial radiometric surveys, any location or facility
·	Aerial radiometric surveys in the vicinity of the following major 
source points:
Savannah River Facility, Hanford Reservation (WA), Oak Ridge Laboratory (TN), 
Idaho National Laboratory, any other U.S. point source
·	Terrestrial radiometric surveys: any location, Chernobyl-related, any 
civilian nuclear power station, any federal source point, any foreign source 
·	Sediment profiles of reactor-derived nuclides in areas subject to 
contamination by the liquid effluents from any nuclear power station or 
facility (federal or foreign)
·	Any Maine Yankee aerial radiometric survey, terrestrial radiometric 
survey, or sediment profiles of reactor-derived nuclides, except semi-annual 
waste effluent reports or annual environmental reports required by the NRC

If you have any interesting information related to the above, please contact 
us by e-mail and/or mail us hard copy. We will reimburse mailing expenses.


1.	Data not available to the general public about the decommissioning of 
the Maine
Yankee Atomic Power Station. Most of this information is available in hard 
copy in
Legacy for Our Children. This report contains the nuclide inventory of the 
vessel at two years cooling as well as a specimen aerial radiometric survey 
(not of
Maine Yankee), 125 pages, including a useful bibliography.
2.	The noncompliance of Maine Yankee with federal regulations. Please 
request publications #4 and #5.
3.	Information on Maine Yankee as a defacto high level waste site, 
including inventories of Maine Yankee radionuclides. Please request 
publication #3.
4.	A variety of other broadsides and information sheets available by 
e-mail or snail mail, including the FDA secret report on Chernobyl-derived 
radiocesium in the imported food basket (1986-88) and data on current levels 
of radiocesium in New England hardwoods, etc.

For information on obtaining the above, contact us at the above address.

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