Brainfood ??

Mike Sylvester sylvesterm at
Wed Nov 29 01:44:46 EST 1995

If this is an inappropriate place to post this request I apologize in
advance and ask that you please educate me as to a more appropriate

I am trying to help a SE Arkansas high school student out with a question
that she is trying to investigate, research, and come to some cognitive
awareness of. I know that she has tried to access all local libraries
within 130 miles of her home and has utilized the local universities as
well. Literature, of a modern nature is not easily come by in the Delta of

Her question is: Are there such things as brainfoods, or smartfoods, items
that you can eat that may improve your mental abilities ao or cognitive

If you can suggest people, articles, or books on the topic or even better
keywords I'll pass them on to her and see if our libraries can inter-library
loan the information to her.

Thank you for your time and any future help that you may have to offer. I
would greatly appreciate replies to:

	sylvesterm at

as I do not regularly read this newsgroup nor have much tome to do so in the
near future. I will however, get all e-mail to Subrina Daniels that I

Thanks again,

Mike Sylvester


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