Biology career?

Dr Love jl at
Thu Nov 30 05:46:01 EST 1995

UTM.EDU wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas as to what type of jobs
>I could do with a B.S. degree in Bilogy. Any suggestions would be greatly
>email address: scotbeck at
>Thank you very much for your time!!!!!

Technician in a hospital, research lab or similar lab work IF your degree is "lab orineted".
Field bio is possiblle otherwise.

Most importantly, realize that you are first and foremost a "College Grad" and do not
limit your self to titles like Biologist. There are plenty of Biologistst out there! And none
of the new ones are finding jobs all that easily. 

If it isn't too late, consider picking up a dual degree (or drop the scinece stuff entirely), 
by looking into business, law, etc.

Also, see the newsgroup "" if you are thinknig about the research angle.
It will probably change your mind (as there is no real future for the researchers already in it 
as postdocs, etc.) and certainly convince you that the worst thing you can do is dig yourself 
in deeper getting more advanced degrees (Master's or PhD, that is.)

Just my two cents (And 17 years of expoerience since receiving my Bachlor's degree)

Dr Love PhD (in Biochemistry and MOlecular Bioilogy)
         MBA (in progress to get a real job)

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