Are there molecular modelling programs for Win NT or Unix on Pentium p

Peter Ahnert pahnert at
Thu Nov 30 19:40:46 EST 1995

     I am a grad student in Biochemistry at Ohio State and want to buy a high
end pentium based computer (dual processor, 3 graphics) to run some specific
WinNT software. Is there any molecular modeling Software out there that can 
either run under WinNT or under another operating system on the same platform. 
I am thinking about something like Hyperchem (by
Autodesk) which unfortunately does not run under that platform.
Any advice or hint would be very helpful.
By the way I am not in the market for a SGI so please help with the question as
stated above.
Please post to this group or e-mail directly to Ahnert.1 at
Thanks a lot,
               Peter Ahnert.

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