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Meindert de Jong [^_^] tpejong at
Mon Oct 2 14:40:58 EST 1995

^v^                             BAT-GAME
      ^v^     ^v^              `--------'
Het Groene Wiel
Hendrikweg 14-B               ^v^
6703 AW Wageningen
The Netherlands        Phone: (+31) 8370 22041

By playing this bat game pupils of primary school may better
understand how sonar- or echo-locating system is actually
working for these animals. In the Bat-Game pupils act like a
bat while theyhave to find their way in the 'dark' across
invisible obstacles. It deserves attention to use the program
only in combination with accompanying documentation.
The program works on IBM PCs with VGA. Problems may arise with
some versions of Windows. The batch program 'install' will
copy files from the diskette towards DISK with directory
_Getting Started_
Go to directory 'vleer'. This starts up the short version.
Game is over when the bat has found his way out from one cave.
You may extend the number of screens to 5 at maximum. This is
done by adding a number as:  vleer 5
You can leave the program by pushing 'Esc".
Please write a request to the address on top and pay in cash
by adding a banknote (crisps) of 30 US$ and we will gladly send you 
a diskette with the bat game and a file with instructions.
        /(_M_)\  Meindert  /(_M_)\  
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