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>>I am wondering if anyone out there knows of a reference for the history
>>of biotechnology, especially something that goes into timelines of key
>>discoveries (eg. PCR, DNA sequencing), and their commercialization. 
>>Thanks in advance.

I wrote a timeline of molecular biology's Hall of Fame for Trends in
Biotechnology (6: 234-243, 1988) but it was mostly to do with "basic"

Robert Bud doesn't cover much of the biotechnology that comes out of
recombinant DNA technology.

A reference source is "Recombinant DNA" by Watson et al.

Kary Mullis wrote an interesting description of PCR for Scientific American
and of the patent fight in a book "The Polymerase Chain Reaction" Mullis et
al, 1994, Birkhauser. 

Two books describing specific episodes in the developemnt of biotechnology are:

Hall, S. S. (1987). Invisible Frontiers: the Race to Synthesize a Human
Gene. Tempus

Teitelman, R. (1989) Gene Dreams: Wall Street, Academia, and the Rise of
Biotechnology Basic Books, Inc. Publishers

I have written an article called "Manipulating DNA: From Cloning to
Knockouts" that should be out in a book early in 1996.

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