If you're not worried by the AR movement, look at this.

David Curtis dcurtis at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Oct 5 07:24:17 EST 1995

mhollowa at nyx.cs.du.edu wrote:

>of year for a good scare, so take a look at:

>The public buys this crap, and even when they take it with a grain of 
>salt, there's so little available public discourse to contradict it that 

Acutally, I think not many members of the public would by this
particular crap - it's too obviously extreme and loony. But some
animal right propaganda does certainly have an insidious effect and
puts scientists continually and innecessarily on the defensive even
though I believe the majority of the voting public does actually
accept the rational arguments in favour of animalr research. One
problem is that AR activists seem to have boundless time and energy
(presumably because they're unemployed) - for example just a few of
them have managed to sustain the longest-running thread in uk.politics
desspite _all_they're arguments being comprehensively debunked. This
web page looks like another example. The other problem is that in the
UK at least terrorist groups target individual scientists who speak up
in favour of animal experimentation, which makes may reluctant to do

Maybe everyone should add lines like the following to their sig?

Animal experiments save human lives! 
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