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On 4 Oct 1995, Sean Eddy wrote:

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>   >> Did anybody see the article in this Sunday's (1 Oct.) Washington Post
>   >> about protein folding, written by a staff writer named David Brown?...
>   >
> IMHO, it's a shame to see a refreshingly nice, informative comment on
> George Rose's work and the Washington Post's good journalistic
> coverage of it used as a springboard for a bitter rampage against peer
> review in science.

There is no doubt that if George Rose did an amaizingly
good piece of work, he did it IN SPITE of peer review 
and not because of it. If you wish to addredss the issue
of peer review seriously, you first have to appraise the
critical arguments on PR (list was posted) and THEN reply 
by the contr-arguments, if you can find any. This is the 
ONLY way for a scientist to proceed. 
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