Pediculus Nit "glue"

Fri Oct 6 18:20:22 EST 1995

After spending a week or so pouring over Biol Abstracts and the Index 
Medicus without results I've decided to turn here for inspiration.

Could anyone out there point me in the right direction regarding the 
nature of the cement which fixes louse eggs to hair shafts. The closest 
I've found so far is a decidedly dodgy article (testing a nit removing 
product based on formic acid) which describes it as 
"chitinous", although my experience with nematode egg-shells has taught 
me that such a description is vague at best. One reference - enough to 
get me snowballing - would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all,

Peter Darben
School of Life Science
QUT, Brisbane, Australia
Still making the world safe from pig worms, although lice are starting to 
look fairly interesting.

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