"Fake" invoices for subscription to Genome Research

Raymond Dalgleish ray at le.ac.uk
Fri Oct 6 07:53:35 EST 1995

I've just received a free copy of the current issue of Genome Research from
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. Included was a letter suggesting that
I might like to take out a subscription. Nothing strange in that - it happens all
the time.

However, in addition to the letter there was also an invoice enclosed. I recognise
this as a common ploy to trap unwary or unthinking persons into paying for an
item which they did not really intend to buy.

Has Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press really had to stoop this low to get people
to buy subscriptions to their journals? I predict that, if questioned, they would say that
they were providing a service to potential subscribers by doing all the paper work in

Actually, I received two copies Genome Research on separate days. Only one copy
was accompanied by the invoice. Was this an oversight or did only some of the mailings
have invoices with them?

Perhaps CSHLP might like to respond.

Raymond Dalgleish

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