Ecologist cries for help

Miguel Ferreira si410893 at
Sat Oct 7 06:11:40 EST 1995

I'm a Portuguese ecologist, searching for a job anywhere - worldwide - in the
I have a Masters Degree on Environmental Sciences, from the Comenius University
Faculty of Sciences, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.

I am also interested in finding any upgrading courses concernig Ecology, mainly
Tropical Ecology.

I've grown accostumed to travelling and addapting to different countries and

I've been working on several projects concerning the environment, mainly
Ornithology. I've also lectured Natural and Cultural Heritage.

I speak English, French, Spanish, Slovak and Arabic.

I'd appreciate if anyone could tell me about any opportunities in this sense,
or anyone interested on my services.

If you need any further details, please let me know through email address:

        si410893 at

Thanks for any help

        Jorge Fortuna
        Rua do Breyner, 223 - 3
        4050 PORTO

        Tel.: +351 2 316556
        Fax:  +351 2 2085585

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