"Fake" invoices for subscription to Genome Research

John Inglis inglis at cshl.org
Tue Oct 10 10:22:13 EST 1995

Hi Ray:
        You got one copy of GR as part of a general mailing we did to the 
genome community.  You got another because you specifically requested one.
When individuals ask for a journal sample, we reckon they're not indifferent 
to the idea of subscribing and, yes, we provide the paperwork to help them 
do that. 
       We also do it because when the returned invoice alerts our computer 
system to the fact that this customer already exists in the database and 
shouldn't be re-entered, to avoid duplicate mailings. In your case, this 
would prevent your appearance in the system three times, since we already 
have two different name/address configurations.
       If the invoice is not returned, it is automatically cancelled.  No 
payment is required and no further correspondence is sent. 
       This has been our practice for several years and has caused no 
problems that we're aware of. We deal with 5000 visitors a year to the Lab, 
many more at 8 or 9 meetings exhibits and countless numbers through phone, 
fax and email. If we've trapped any unwary or unthinking scientists out 
there, do let me know!

John Inglis
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

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