Interviews for Grad Students

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Tue Oct 10 09:34:41 EST 1995

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skohan at says...
>Someone told me that if you get invited on an interview, the program 
>for your airfare and lodging which struck me as a little too generous.
>Anyone know the scoop?

This depends on "the program".  If you are talking about grad schools 
interviewing prospective grad students, then it depends on how much money 
they have and how badly they want you.  I did get an all-expense paid 
trip to the Univ. of Iowa when I was looking at grad schools over a 
decade ago, but Iowa State was not able to do the same for me. That 
shouldn't play too much of a role in making your decision.  (I went to 
Iowa State anyway.)  If you are talking about employers interviewing grad 
students for jobs, don't even consider an employer who won't pay for an 
interview trip.

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