Rejected bionet. postings: double standards

ralcon at ralcon at
Tue Oct 10 16:35:21 EST 1995

>What I would like to know is why a relevant post like this is rejected and posts like
>Free Cable-TV Send me a Dollar are allowed to get through? DO I have to know somebody?
>Or do I have to resort to some nefarious method to make a legitimate post that these
>spammers use? 
>Steve Grenard
>grenard at
I'd also like to know how the spam makes it through, I'm sick of reading it and I 
think it's silly how every responce to a query needs the endnote "I'm not affiliated 
with company so and so, I just like the product."

Once I the past there was talk of making bionet groups more rigidly moderated, 
I think it's time to bring that up again.


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