Rejected bionet. postings: double standards

martin LEACH leach at
Tue Oct 10 16:51:51 EST 1995

read the commercial postings..

get someone to ask for this information..then post a followup..that
would be allowed (i believe)


grenard at wrote:
: I am posting this inquiry here at the suggestion of Una Smith: 
: I just received a note from the "BIOSCIAdministrator" rejecting my post for announcing
: a new website where researchers can find very difficult to locate venoms, fractions and
: subfractions which are needed in many important ongoing research applications. It was
: characterized as an "ad." I was perturbed by this since I am constantly treated to
: spams such as Free Cable-TV and people selling magazine subscriptions on these groups.
: This was a legitimate post containing information of great value to bio researchers
: who would be interested in the existence of these substances. 

: What I would like to know is why a relevant post like this is rejected and posts like
: Free Cable-TV Send me a Dollar are allowed to get through? DO I have to know somebody?
: Or do I have to resort to some nefarious method to make a legitimate post that these
: spammers use? 

: Steve Grenard
: grenard at

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