Italy/US Workshops, Nov 16-18, Portofino, Italy

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Wed Oct 11 05:22:32 EST 1995

Dear Bionetters,

	This is to announce that two workshops will be held in Portofino 
on November 16/17th 1995, entitled respectively "Molecular Epidemiology of 
Cancer" and "Translational Research: Angiogenesis and Extracellular Matrix".

	Researchers from Italy and the USA engaged in the utilization 
of biological markers in epidemiological studies and skilled in tumoral 
angiogenesis will take part in these two meetings. 
The two workshops aim at clearing up the etiology of cancer through 
interdisciplinary studies which test bioindicators of exposure, early 
effect and epidemiological susceptibility; secondly they intend to 
analyze some aspects of biomedical research which may have clinical 
application in the short term.

	The workshop "Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer" is divided in 
four sessions:

	Markers of Exposures and Early Biological Effects
	Diet and Cancer
	Genetic and environmental determinants of melanoma and breast cancer
	Markers of susceptibility and oncogene expression

while the workshop "Translational Research: Angiogenesis and Extracellular 
Matrix" in two:

	Angiogenesis Targets
	Molecular Targets
	Moreover, within the Italy/US Scientific Agreement on Cancer 
Research a round-table conference will be held once again in Portofino 
on November 18th, dealing with the following subjects:

	Comparison of US and Italian National Cancer Programs
	From the Laboratory to the Patient. Progress in Translational Research

Deatiled information on the programme can be found by the WWW server 
of the Advanced Biotechnology Center of Genoa, Italy, at:

Thank you in advance. Paolo Romano

Paolo Romano is a Research Assistant at the Biotechnology Department 
of the National Institute for Cancer Research of Genoa, 
located in Largo Rosanna Benzi 10, 16132  Genova, Italy.
You can phone (+39-10-5737288), fax (+39-10-5737295) or 
email (paolo at him. He will kindly answer.


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