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>>Someone told me that if you get invited on an interview, the program 
>>for your airfare and lodging which struck me as a little too generous.
>>Anyone know the scoop?

No graduate school I've ever heard of has a pot of money set aside
for interviewing prospective students. I have seen cases where 
an advisor was so keen on a particular student that he paid for
the student to visit. That is rare, and is limited to cases where
the advisor has enough money kicking around to fund the trip (less
and less common today) and the student is perceived as being so
exceptional, or having highly desireable skills, as to justify
some aggressive recruiting. 

It can't hurt to visit potential graduate schools
at your own expense, especially if you have been in contact with a
potential advisor who has expressed an interest in you. For one thing,
it shows how serious you are about going there, and also puts you in 
a better position to sell youself. Also, remember that if you go there,
that will be home for anywhere from 2 - 6 years, so it's worth 
knowing what you're getting yourself into.

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