Mammalian phylogeny

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>I am interested in mammalian phylogeny, spacially in relation to
>the relative position of primates, insectivores, quiroptera and
>rodents. Some literature references wil be very acknowledged.
>Thanks in advance for replaying.

You might be interested in look at the Tree of Life WWW site by David R. 
Maddison and Wayne P.  Maddison , University of Arizona on:

To quote this page:
"The Tree of Life is a system designed to contain information about the
phylogenetic relationships of organisms, to link biological information
available on the Internet in the form of a phylogenetic navigator, and
to illustrate the diversity and unity of groups of living organisms. 

"We hope that this system will provide a map to biological information
that can be used by researchers, teachers, and students, and that, as it
grows, it will provide a forum for those who wish to share knowledge
about the diversity of earth's organisms."

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