Bio-books for sale

Xiaohui Jin EJDH45B at
Thu Oct 12 19:46:07 EST 1995

Books for sale:
The following are biochemistry or biology related books. 
As we all know that these books are very expensive.
you should add 1$ per pound of book for postage and 
handling. E-mail only if you want buy them. I only have 
one copy for each.

1. Essentials of Molecular Biology. David Freifelder 
   (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.)
   	$10 (2 pounds)

2.  Microbiology. Lansing M. Prescott; John P. Harley; 
     Donald A. Kein (Wm. C. Brown Publishers)
    	$30 (4 pounds)

3. Biochemistry, second edition. Frank B. Armstrong
    	$5 (2 pounds)

4. Textbook of Biochemistry with Clinical Correlations, 
     second edition. Thomas M. Devlin, Editor
    (Wiley Medical)
  	$15 (4 pounds)
5. Study Guide for Molecular Biology, second edition.
    David Freifelder (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.)
    	$5 ( paper back 1 pounds)

6.  Experimental Biochemistry. J. Stenesh
    (Allyn and Bacon, Inc.)
    	$5 (2 pounds)

7.   Molecular Biology of The Cell, second edition. Bruce Alberts;
     Dennis Bray; Julian Lewis; Martin Raff; Keith Roberts; James 
     D. Watson (Garland)
     	$40 (6 pounds)

8.  Molecular Biology of the Cell, The problems Book. John Wilson;
     Tim Hunt (Garland)
      	$15 (2 pounds) you may want to have this book if 
	you are going to get the book #7.

9. Genes V. Benjamin Lewin (Oxford)
	$45 (6 pounds)
    A good book. The buyer of this will get the "Protocols" FREE.
    just add some more postage.
    Promega Protocols and Application Guide. Second Edition
    This is book of protocols of molecular biology.
	Free for the buyer of the Genes V (2 pounds)

10. Problems and Solutions Guide to Accompany Bawn, Biochemistry
     Rober N. Lindquist (Patterson)  
	$13 (paper back 2 pounds)

11. Human Biochemistry, Tenth Edition. James M. Orten; Otto W. 
      Neuhaus (MOsby)
	$25 (4 pounds)

 12. Review of Medical Microbiology, 16th edition. E. Jawetz; J. L. 
        Melnick; E. A. Adelberg (Lange)
 	$10 (2 pounds)
  13. Molecular Cell Biology Revise Printing with Expanded Index. 
        James Astor; Harvey Lodis; David Baltimore (Scientific American)
	$35 (6 pounds)

   14. Biochemistry. J. David Rawn (Neil Patterson Publishers)
            $30 (6 pounds)

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