Arctic Studies

Thu Oct 12 13:56:41 EST 1995

  A Japanese student, studying English at Queen's University, in Kingston,
Ontario Canada, is interested in doing graduate work in the Arctic.  For
his undergraduate work, he did a thesis on developmental biology.  He
would be interested in doing graduate studies which involve symbiosis in
the arctic.  He is also interested in working with reptiles or amphibians.
He realizes that there are very few herptiles in the true arctic and that
any studies may be in the north.  Alternatively, he might be interested in
studying insects.  However, he really wants to look at organisms involved in
some form of symbiosis in a northern environment.

  Can anyone on the net suggest an individual or university where he may
be able to study something in this field.

  I don't monitor this board frequently, so could you please Email me
directly and I can pass on any replies.     Thank you in advance.

Dr. Barry Campbell
Department of Biology
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
Norvalc at QUCDN.QueensU.CA

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