Rejected bionet. postings: double standards

Peter Herman herman at
Fri Oct 13 03:03:09 EST 1995

Joanna Aretz (joanna at wrote:
: I agree with you.  We provide several unique reagents for cytokine 
: research and I believe that that you should be able to bring the message 
: to the appropriate people.

The appropriate people are those who ASK for the information.  The 
"non-commrcial" domains on the net are designed to keep postings to a 
managable level for those of us who read the bionet.* and similar 
hierarcies for professional information.  If I need info about a 
technique or a product, I will post a request to the most restricted 
group that is likely to bring a response (i.e. - if I am looking for info 
on a bacterial growth medium, I would post to bionet.microbiology not 

Abuse of the net by vendors does 2 unfortunate things to the vendor
1) creates lots of ill will from the people they wish to serve.

2) runs the risk of causing people to stop reading groups which become 
over run with commercial and spamed postings. therefore, they will not 
see your posting anyhow!

Neither of these is good for business.  I personlly never buy consumer
products or services from companies which call me up on the phone
(especially at home at dinner time) nor from salesmen who call me up at 
work. For those with a live person, I politely tell them so.  I take a 
similar view of "my" space on the net as I do of my telephone!


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