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	A Kansas City based business needs small to medium sized businesses to help
  increase their cash flow!

	If an increase in _your_ cash flow would benefit _your_ business, read on.

	My name is Paul Gillespie, and I'm the CEO of National Receivables Funding.  If 
  having more cash on hand would benefit you by increasing your sales, taking advantage of
  cash benefits, paying bills, etc., WE CAN HELP.  We represent over 140 companies who
  purchase accounts receivable from businesses for cash.

	What we do is advance cash for accounts receivable (invoices).  In other words, 
  rather than waiting 30-45 days or even longer for your customers to pay you, we'll buy the 
  invoices from you and wire you cash WITHIN 24-48 HOURS.

	By buying the invoices, we don't create more debt for you.  On the contrary, we 
  increase your liquid assets, since cash is more liquid than invoices.  And you can pay 
  off existing debt with cash, whereas you can't with invoices.  In fact, you can do whatever 
  you want with the money -- it's your's with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

	The way it works is simple:

	Suppose, for example, you have $100,000 in invoices in any given month.  You send 
  _us_ the invoices, and we'll send them to your customers.  When we receive the invoices, 
  we'll wire about 70%, or $70,000 (industry average) to your bank account (usually 24-48 

	After your customer pays us, we'll wire approximately 26% (again, and industry 
  average), or $26,000 to you.  We keep only 5% for collecting on the invoice, advancing 
  the cash, providing the maintenence, etc.  And, keep in mind, that these are just averages.
  Your fee could very well be lower!

	What are the benefits are for a 4% fee?

	- You get the cash upfront -- no waiting.
	- You can take advantage of cash discounts from your suppliers (sometimes as much 
          as 10%).
	- You can expand your business, increasing your profit.
	- You don't have to collect on the invoices.  We do that for you.
	- You can pay off existing loans WITHOUT creating new ones!
	- It's a legal way to increase your cash flow -- Mastercard and Visa do this 
          every day!
        - NEVER take out a business loan again!

	Call, write, or E-mail us today for a FREE bottom-line benefit proposal.  We work 
  weekends and evenings for your convienence, as well!

                   ----| National Receivables Funding |----         
                        IMPROVING CASH FLOW NATIONWIDE               
          Paul Gillespie, CEO                                      
          1300 East 109th Street,  Suite 103                       
          Kansas City, MO  64131                                   
          Phone: (816) 943-0272                                    
	  Pager: (913) 641-8751 (Enter *0 at prompt and then phone number)          
          E-Mail: nrfundng at                                 

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