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    AVAILABLE FROM NASA'S           X    X   X   X   X   X   X        
   MISSION TO PLANET EARTH          XXXXX    X   X   X   X   X        

The Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) at Goddard Space Flight Center
gives away data for studying and learning about atmospheric dynamics, the
upper atmosphere, and Earth's vegetation. You can use these data to study

     * greenhouse global warming
     * deforestation and desertification and their role in 
       climate change
     * ozone depletion
     * El Nino effect on weather and climate
     * impact of volcano eruptions on ozone concentration
     * the role of ocean in global climate

and more. All Goddard DAAC products are FREE and available ON LINE.

Our Help Desk will answer your questions!

          address:  GSFC DAAC User Services
                    NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
                    Code 902.2
                    Greenbelt, MD 20771
          email:    daacuso at
          voice:    301-286-3209 9-5 Eastern, Monday-Friday)
          fax:      301-286-0268

You can order any product listed below by putting an X between the brackets
([x]) and e-mailing portion back to us.

 [ ]  An Overview of Goddard DAAC Products and Services
         What is the Goddard DAAC?
         What's in the Goddard DAAC collection?
         How do I obtain data?
         What else comes with the data?
         What about other types of data?

 [ ]  "The Goddard DAAC. A Source for Global Earth Science Data" 
         A brochure--all the info in the overview and then some.

 [ ]  Sample Images of Goddard DAAC Data Sets
         Hardcopy color slides, color transparencies

 [ ]  Introductory Information for Each Goddard DAAC Data Set 
      (from their README files)

 [ ]  Ozone, Ice, Clouds, TRMM images from PAO.

 [ ]  The GEDEX CD-ROM Set
         The Greenhouse Effect Detection Experiment (GEDEX) data 
         collection contains over 60 data sets with parameters relevant 
         to greenhouse gas effect research (surface and upper air 
         temperature, solar irradiances, radiation budget, clouds, and 
         greenhouse gases). Many data sets are available for a 10 year 
         period spanning the 1980s.  Depending on the data set, coverage 
         is global, regional, or local.

         The International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project 
         Initiative I - Global Data Sets for Land-Atmosphere Models, 
         data collection contains vegetation and biophysics, hydrology, 
         near surface meteorology, radiation, soils, snow, and ice 
         parameters.  Monthly, monthly-6 hourly, and some 6-hourly data 
         are available globally for 1987 through 1988 on a common 
         1-degree grid.

 [ ]  TOMS CD-ROM Set
         The Nimbus-7 Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) Level 3 
         data contain global, daily, total-ozone values at 1.25-degree 
         spatial  resolution.  Data are divided into gridded values, 
         global images,  overpass, and SBUV solar flux ozone data from 
         November 1978 to April 1992 on three CDs.

 [ ]  PAL CD-ROM Set
         The Pathfinder Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) 
         Land (PAL) Level 3 data, contains 1986, subsetted, 8 km 
         resolution, global 10-day composites. Data include Normalized 
         Difference Vegetation Index, Channel-1 and -2 reflectances, and 
         Channel-4 and -5 brightness temperatures.

 [ ]  EOS (Earth Observing Satellite) Brochure from the EOS Science Office 
         Includes a booklet describing the EOS project, purpose, and
         services; images from various satellite platforms; descriptions
         of planned launches of EOS satellite platforms; a listing of
         relevant EOS-related acronyms; and an EOS sticker

 [ ]  EOS Poster Set
         Contains images and information on a range of topics including
           * cloud radiative effects
           * global ice and sea level changes
           * vegetation and hydrology changes
           * ozone depletion
           * impact of volcanos
           * greenhouse effect
           * ocean processes

 [ ]  Most Recent Copy of the EOS bimonthly newsletter,"The Earth 

 [ ]  Most Recent Copy of the Goddard DAAC Periodic Newsletter, "Data

 [ ]  NASA Fact Sheets from the Science Office
         Information covers
           * volcanos and global climate change
           * El Nino
           * clouds and the energy cycle
           * global warming
           * polar ice
           * biosphere
           * ozone: what is it and why do we care about it

Mark your choices, include your complete mailing address with a daytime phone
number and send this back to daacuso at

			The Goddard DAAC Mission

The Goddard DAAC's mission is to maximize the investment benefit of the Mission
to Planet Earth by providing data and services that help people fully realize 
the scientific and educational potential of global climate data.

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