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> It's not so rare in certain departments in the school of agriculture (I'm in 
> Food Science).  There is a keen interest in recruiting exceptional 
> graduate students, sometimes from outside our own discipline (for instance, a 
> 4.0 undergrad. who has won various awards and is highly recommended, great 
> grades, etc.).  It is not unusual to pick up hotel, meals, gas expenses, etc., 
> sometimes even picking up an airline flight (but it must be a very highly 
> regarded candidate).  Even beyond the department level, some Schools have even
> initiated programs to provide additional funds to a highly regarded 
> graduate student candidate up to several thousand dollars beyond the dept. 
> stipend.  One of my prior masters' students got airline expenses and 
> accomodations for several days at the visiting university. I've talked to some 
> applicants who have been treated that way by as many as 4 different 
> universities.  It's almost amazing to see what is being offered.  What's next, 
> signing bonuses?

I think that it really depends on what kind of program you are applying
to and whether or not it is associated with a training grant.  I
applied to four different schools (all molecular biology departments or
equivalent) and all four paid for flights, meals, and accomodations. 
While it's true that they won't do this for everyone, I don't feel that
my situation was unique.  Everyone who was visiting these same programs
at the same time as me was treated in the same manner.  However, one of
them did offer me a "signing bonus" - a one-time $1500 "grant" to help
me and my wife settle in the area. FYI - I turned down this offer and
went to UC-Davis instead.

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