2nd International Symposium on Bacterial Contaminants of Plant Tissue Cultures

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2nd International Symposium on Bacterial Contaminants of Plant Tissue Cultures
University College, Cork, Ireland, 3-6 September, 1996

Conference Objective

Contamination continues to be one of the major problems for micropropagators and for those
using plant tissue culture systems for research.

The objective of this conference is to provide a forum where basic and applied researchers in
this field can interact.  Invited speakers will present keynote reviews on their session topics.
Protocols for contaminant and pathogen detection, identification and elimination will be
presented and critically evaluated.

Special emphasis will be placed on the vertical integration of procedures from the production
of aseptic cultures, to their multiplication and  to the establishment of progeny plants.  New
areas will be introduced, such as contamination in photoautotrophic systems, bacterisation of
in vitro cultures, fastidious organisms, establishment diseases etc.

Session speakers will present details of  methodologies and of  contamination case studies.

Workshops will be based on the posters  and are intended to present an open forum for
discussion and participation.

Session  and Workshop Titles
S1/W1	Introduction of plants into aseptic culture
S2/W2	Laboratory contamination management
S3/W3	Contamination in photoautotrophic cultures
S4/W4	Pathogen and contaminant detection and identification
S5/W5	Chemotherapy and heat treatment of plants and cultures
S6/W6	Plant and culture contamination - case studies

Keynote reviews will include :

Dr H Epton (Manchester): Plant surface bacteria
Dr C Leifert (Aberdeen): Laboratory contamination management
Dr R Long (Cork): Autotrophic micropropagation
Dr F M Dewey (Oxford): Serological diagnostics
Dr D Stead (Harpenden): Bacterial identification
Dr A T Jones (Invergowrie): Diagnosis based on dsRNA analysis
Dr F Falkiner (Dublin): Use of antibiotics in plant tissue culture
Prof. A C Cassells (Cork): Production of aseptic cultures
Dr R Weller (Aberdeen): Human bacteria as culture contaminants
Dr B Williamson (Invergowrie): Phytopathology  of microplant establishment
(Speaker to be confirmed): Detection and culture of fastidious contaminants

Organising Committee

Prof. A. C. Cassells (Cork, Ireland)  Chair
Dr. C. Leifert (Aberdeen, UK)
Dr. R. Long (Cork, Ireland)
Dr. F. Falkiner (Dublin, Ireland)
Dr. B. M. Hayes (Cork, Ireland)
Dr. F O'Riordain  (Dublin, Ireland)
Dr. D. Stead (Harpenden, UK)
Location of Conference

The conference will be held in University College, Cork.  The college, founded in 1845, is a
constituent college of the National University of Ireland.  The main campus is located
approximately 1 mile from the city centre and 5 miles from the airport.


All participants will receive a copy of the conference proceedings on arrival which will include
copies of paper and poster abstracts.

Keynote papers, offered papers and short communications based on the posters will be
reviewed and selected contributions considered for publication in a Special Issue of Plant
Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture and in a book to be published by Kluwer Academic
Publishers under the symposium title.

Conference Tours

Pre and post-conference tours of Killarney Lakes and National Park, the Ring of Kerry,
Glengarriff and Garinish Island will also be offered.  Accompanying person's programme.

Please note to encourage informality and to optimise small group discussion, the number of
participants will be limited to 200.

For further information, please contact:  					

Professor Alan C. Cassells,
Department of Plant Science,
University College, Cork, Ireland

Tel: 	+353 21 902726
Fax: 	+353 21 274420 or +353 21 661107	
E-mail :  <A HREF = "mailto:">a.cassells at ucc.ie</A>		

Further information and updates will be posted on the Conference Homepage at <A HREF =

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