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Sat Oct 14 13:01:19 EST 1995

kristoff at (David Kristofferson) wrote:
>stuff deleted

>No journal allows ads in the middle of their articles.  Advertising is
>always done in a separate section, and the advertising is used to
>support the journal.  This is one of the few media that, because of
>its open nature, some think that they can utilize without contributing
>much to its support.  We have a mechanism of advertising through the
>BIOSCI WWW home page.  We do not allow broadcast ads - period - they
>annoy our readers and consume resources in our mail queue and archive
>site.  If someone is trying to use the system for commercial
>advantage, let them help support it.  The government is not going to
>do so much longer, and we already have had *good* commercial citizens
>such as Molecular Dynamics and Knight-Ridder Information who *are*
>helping.  We would have a real double standard if we permit some to
>get for free what the organizations that are sponsoring us are paying

In reference to the idea of separate sections for advertising:

Would it be useful to have a separate newsgroup for commercial
advertising?  This does not address the problem of costs or payments
to the bionet sponsoring organizations.


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