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Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Sat Oct 14 01:12:32 EST 1995

Dear Ian,
Your students might get a bang out of the following, which uses 
conservation of energy and momentum:

Gordon, R. (1987). A retaliatory role for algal projectiles, with 
implications for the mechanochemistry of diatom gliding motility. J. 
Theor. Biol. 126, 419-436.

Best, -Dick Gordon[Oct14,95]

On 11 Oct 1995, Ian Ferguson wrote:

> Hi All,
> 	I am a teaching assistant in the Physics Department at UCLA and I am 
> teaching a lab to life science majors.  I sense there is a general attitude
> among my students like the following "physics is not going to be of use to me
> in my future profession".  I would like to be able to give these students a few
> examples of where physics is useful in, for instance, biology.  Can anyone out
> there give me a few examples where vectors are used in biology?  How about
> simple things like conservation of energy?  I realize that this probably isn't
> the most common thing among biologists, but perhaps someone has given some
> thought to this.  
> Ian Ferguson
> fergie at

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