Your Body Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

B.L. blee at
Sat Oct 14 17:59:01 EST 1995

Are u over weight, under weight, or just tired of all the diets and weight
loss/gain gimicks.  The simple truth is; u can reach any weight fitness
goal 100% faster and more affectively by using plain old food..  But
accomplishing your fitness goals through food would include a
Nutritionist, which can be extremly expensive. 
 Well, here is your chance to recieve a step by step nutritional program
worth for just $12.99.  Design the most effective Nutritional Program
without the aid of a nutritionist, and the loss of your hard earned
money.  It realy works people....  If you are intersted, just email us,
with a brief discription of your fitness goals.  Based on that
information, we can send you all the necessary tools to enable your body
to move at its maximum pace towards that goal!

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