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>>What's this garbage about "appalling rate"?  You wouldn't get away
>>with saying that the sun is using hydrogen at an appalling rate.  What
>>makes you think you can talk about the human future in such a sloppy
>>way and make sense.  It can only be that you spend your time in an
>>environment that requires precision in talking about astronomy but
>>allows sloppiness in talking about human affairs - provided only that
>>the sentiment expressed is ok.

>>To get concrete, name two resources that are being used at a rate that
>>can neither be sustained nor replaced.

>OK, here's my shot at naming two resources that are being used at a rate 
>that can neither be sustained nor replaced.

>1)  Fossil Fuels
>	Coal, oil and natural gas reserves are finite and took millions of
>years to form. They will be essentially exhausted at some time in the near
>future (estimates vary).

Burning Fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide.
This traps the suns energy raising the planets temperature.
This melts the icecaps.
This innundates low lying areas.

Not to mention completely unpredictable climactic and weather changes all over
the globe.

I don't find your proposition that we should let our fossil fuel run out
acceptable.   We have to impose a global carbon tax to stabilise the amount of
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, at say the 1990 level.

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