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 **** Now over 2.7 Meg of Industrial Hemp Information ****

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         *** New Items: ***
* True Hemp Journal Vol6#2 On-Line *
A New issue of the True Hemp Journal is now available on line. 
 This is the July/Aug 95 Issue. 

* North American Industrial Hemp Forum *
The North American Industrial Hemp Forum is a forum sponsored by the
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture.  Despite the Confidential Nature
of this conference we were leaked this information.  If you have any
thing you would like to add to the forum please call Erwin A "Bud"
Sholts at WI Dept of Ag 608-224-5135 Voice 608-224-5110 FAX or 
sholtea at  EMAIL 
   - Cover Letter from WIDA Outlining Forum - 160K JPEG Format
   - Agenda Page from WIDA Outlining Agenda For the Forum

* Festival for Project Earth Photo *

* Hemp for Victory Sound Clip *
We now have a clip from the musical score available for download it
is in a WAV format so you should be able to hear it with Netscape.
Approx 460K and you may need a helper application.

* Hemp Patents *
* First Decorticator  - This is the very First Machine Called a
Decorticator by the US Patent Office. Patent Number 308,869.  Patented
in 1884.  Assigned to George Gibson of Pittsburgh PA.

* Early Hemp Brake - This is an early Hemp Brake Patent #356. 
Patented in 1837.  Assigned to David Longley and Samuel Davis of
Westbrook ME.

*  FDA Causes Problems For Hemp Seed *
They are coming after the Hemp Seed Industry. 

and tons of other information and files are available.
Stop in for a visit today!
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